Joe Rogan has Distorted his Face and Body With Human Growth Hormone

Here is a close up of his bubble gut:

And he used to look like this:

We know from bodybuilding what happens to the body when you take growth hormone over extended periods of time. Here are some pictures:

Look at the difference:

Here are the two highest ranking articles on Google on “bubble gut”:

Here is a good Youtube video on the subject:

Here is a funny little clip with Russel Brand:

Here is a good informative video on the effects of HGH (Human Growth Hormone):

Listen to Rich Piana’s warning who is now dead:

This is from a recent article on Joe Rogan by The Rolling Stone:

He shoots himself up with testosterone on a weekly basis — “It’s what fighters get in trouble for, but, obviously, I’m not competing. I just like the idea that I’m cheating old age and death, although, you know, you can’t cheat it forever”— as well as human growth hormone. If he’s dragging a little, he’ll pop a Nuvigil, a variant of the focus-improving drug that fighter pilots use.

Most mornings, he preps for the day with a Vitamixed, sludgy blend of kale, spinach, celery, “a large hunk of ginger about the size of a child’s thumb,” four cloves of garlic, an apple and some coconut oil. Tastes like crud. “But after your body digests it,” he says, “you’re like, ‘Whoa, we’ve got a lot of stuff to work with here.

They also did a day in his life type of video:

Here is a video about the relationship between HGH and Joe Rogan’s “bubble gut”:

Here is a longer video by the same guy:

Conclusion? Joe Rogan should have stayed on just testosterone. He made a big mistake on this one, and he is going to pay the price (he already is).

Joe Rogan also has obstructive sleep apnea (Healthline) because his tongue grew to huge and fat and blocks the air from going into his throat.

When you are on HGH, your body just KEEPS growing. Your heart also keeps growing, which is why every bodybuilder seems to die of a heart attack.

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