Sweden’s Career Criminals Complain About Being “Burned Out” From All The Crime They’re Committing

Sweden’s hardened criminals complain to the police that breaking the law is too hard. It’s stressful, and they don’t like it. The police buys them coffe and donuts and hopes to convince them to stop:

  • organizing
  • raping
  • pillaging
  • murdering
  • extorting
  • threatening
  • robbing
  • harassing
  • stealing

–and blowing up police stations with bombs (yes, it has happened several times). The police moved their station out of the neighbourhood (no-go zone), as a result. Go figure. Here are the after-effects of such a bomb:

Here is a short video about Sweden’s no-go zones:

Here is an instructional video with English subtitles about what to do when disaster strikes:

Here is an article about the sad state of Malmo these days.

Bombs, shootings are a part of life in Swedish city Malmo (Made for Minds)

At times it seems like Malmo has more in common with Baghdad than with other European cities. This year 29 bomb explosions rattled the city of 317,000 as of November 11. Police reported 50 shootings in the Malmo region by the end of October — in a country where guns are hard to come by legally.

Made for minds

Keep in mind that this city only has 317 000 people living in it. Yet 29 bombs before the year is even over. Witnesses of organized crime are also getting grenades thrown into the kitchen windows. Now an attack isn’t considered serious unless it’s a bomb or a grenade going off.

I did not (!) mention selling drugs, because that should be decriminalized to a large extent (especially if it’s some good shit). Are you really going to make the only cure to hardcore PTSD illegal? Talking about psychadelics here.

This is “Malmö”, or “Malmo”, as it’s called in English.

Malmo is Sweden’s 3rd largest city and has a large immigrant population. It goes without saying that the VAST majority of immigrants never broke a serious law in their entire life (and are good people).

But there is a small minority that will not absorb traditionally “Swedish” values, norms, and morals (like modern “humanism”) — and for that reason does not integrate into society as a whole.

In fact, they do not even try, and that’s what bothers people. They rely on our underfunded justice system, short sentences, and “nice” prisons.

This was ASAP Rocky’s cell in Sweden:

Here is the story about him.

The Swedish Prison and Probation Service: “Burned out criminals want to quit”

Many of Malmö’s hardened criminals feel tired of the life they live and want to quit. This is stated by those responsible for the project Stop shooting. The project has been going on for a year and has contributed to the reductions in shootings in Malmö, according to the police.

According to Jonas Angermund, probation inspector at the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, it is possible to speak of a “burnout” among Malmö’s serious criminals.

“Most people are quite tired of what is happening in the city right now.”

Fewer shootings

“Stop shooting” is a collaboration between the police, the city of Malmö, the prison service and civil society. The goal is to together make it more difficult to be a serious criminal and also offer support for those who want to leave their old life. The investment has been going on for a year. On Friday, a press conference was called to tell about how it has gone so far and how to continue working.

Since the start, the police seem to see that the serious violence has decreased. Since the first so-called call-in meeting with criminals in October last year, there have been five shootings against a person, one of which was fatal.

Two big meetings

“The project is part of the explanation. It is too early to say that we see a trend break, but the fact is that we have had fewer shootings than before,” says police coordinator Glen Sjögren.

Among other things, the police have had two so-called Call-in, ie large meetings with criminals where they talked about conflicts not being resolved by force or firearms. The first meeting was held in October, the second in the middle of this week. The most violent are not called to the meetings, but those who are judged to be able to receive the information and then spread the message to others in their circles. In addition, some others have been contacted for individual calls.

Almost one hundred arrested

In addition to the shootings decreasing, the police also see other results of the work.

“Many leading criminals are detained and detained. There are two major trials underway concerning serious violent crimes,” says Jonas Karlberg, group manager for Serious Crimes in Malmö.

“There are also about 20 investigations underway at the Section for Serious Crimes with good prospects for prosecution.”

At the moment, a total of 99 people are in custody for violent crimes in the Malmö police area. Of those, 30 are in custody for crimes such as murder, attempted murder and explosions. From the first call-in call in October until March, the police have also seized 80 illegal weapons.

Swedish Television (SVT)

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