Ultimate Evil: A White Female Kid Goat was Kidnapped, Burned, Tortured, Raped, and Executed

white kid goat

There is a goatfucker on the loose in Sweden.


A man that kidnaps and rapes child goats. In some way, he is also a pedophile, since he sexually assaulted a kid goat.

There are parts of the world where bestiality is seen as a sort of “necessary evil” — if you will. It is more culturally accepted than in western civilization.

nude sexy wonan and goose having sex

Here is a cool little infographic I just found:

Animals rights chart. Infographic. Legal vs Illegal.

Here are some goatfucker memes:

Tinder text. If you fuck one goat, you are a goatfucker.
Man rapes a white goat from behind.
Goat rape meme.
Run! It's the goat fucker!
Man forced to marry goat in Sudan.
Explain this goat fucker! Meme.
Nice try goat fucker!
Americas secret weapon in WW3. Nuke inside goat triggered with penetration sex. Goatfucker meme.
he fuck that goat
You call me a goat fucker. Like it's a bad thing!
Animated picture of small white kid goat.

This article is from “Expressen”, which is Sweden’s second largest newspaper. Here it is:

Kid goat kidnapped, burned and raped

A kid goat has been kidnapped from Slottsskogen during the night before Monday. During the morning, the kid goat was found near the Azalea Valley – it had then been beaten, burned and raped so severely that it had to be killed.

“It is as if they have attacked a family member,” says Per Åberg, unit manager for Slottsskogen.

When staff at Slottsskogen Zoo counted the animals on Monday morning, it was discovered that one of this year’s kid goats was missing.

“We started looking in all the adjacent fences, but found nothing. Soon a visitor heard from him and said that they had found something strange near the Azalea Valley, we immediately suspected what it could be about,” says Per Åberg.

white goat on a field painting.
exposion on fire.

When they found it, it was discovered that the rapist had set the goat ON FIRE. There was also observable damage to sexual organs.


The staff went there and found the kitten badly scarred.

“It had been beaten, set on fire and we also discovered damage to the vagina,” says Åberg. How did you feel then?

“What to say? Those who have a dog or other pets can probably relate. These are our animals together with the people of Gothenburg, it is as if they have attacked a family member.”

The kitten’s injuries were so severe that it had to be killed.

“It is a difficult day for us who work with the animals here. Unfortunately, it is difficult to fully protect oneself from this type of evil,” says Anna Schönström, animal manager at Slottsskogen Zoo, in a comment.

She says that the kid goat in question had not yet been given a name.

“But we called it the ‘little white goat’.”


There is an ultimate evil lurking in Sweden.

Nobody knows what it is going to do next.

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