What is “Light-Skinned Privilege”? Does it Exist?

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So I recently wrote a post about The Hodgetwins, and whether those light skinned motherfuckers had “light-skin privilege”: Do The Hodgetwins Have “Light-Skinned Privilege”?

And this got me thinking.

Here is Urban Dictionary’s definition, except that it calls it “Tan Privilege” (which sounds like those with a tan has the privilege) — which is a really bad name for it!

Tan privilege is very similar to white privilege but with not as many perks; it is a set of advantages and/or immunities that light skinned blacks benefit from on a daily basis over dark skinned blacks.

Urban Dictionary

Notice how they use the term “white privilege” in the very defintion of “tan privilege”. This forces me to discuss “white privilege” a bit, even though I didn’t set out to do that.

So called “white privilege” overlaps with “tan privilege”, or “light-skinned privilege”. You could say they are different versions of the same thing.

You could say that “white privilege” among black people is “light-skinned privilege”. That it takes that form, among them? So let’s talk about “white privilege”.

Not a single sane person in western civilization debates the fact that America used to be:

  • severely
  • systematically
  • fundamentally
  • institutionally
  • aggressively
  • hardcore

RACIST. Imagine being so suppressed — that it is an act of rebellion to ride a bus!

While “white privilege” is not what mainstream media makes out out to be, there is a certain “majority privilege” in EVERY COUNTRY on planet Earth (without one single exception).

Belonging to — or conforming to — the majority always gives an advantage. But there is an unhealthy obsession about race.

The political left finds racism in every crook and corner, and they use the word “rasist” to character assassinate the opposition, while sucking money out of the system like a parasite.

Jordan Peterson: White Privilege is Majority Privilege:

Tim Pool had a really good point about this in a video on his popular Youtube channel — that I now cannot find (that “white privilege” is really “majority privilege”). But I found this tweet on “white privilege”:


There are grains of truth in the leftist definition of “white privilege”, but it has been spun into a political weapon that divides people, rather them bringing them together. The real fight is good people vs bad people, not race X vs race Y.

Divide and rule, or divide and conquer, in politics and sociology is gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy.

The use of this technique is meant to empower the sovereign to control subjects, populations, or factions of different interests, who collectively might be able to oppose his rule.


Martin Luther King knew this, and was murdered for it. Every time a hypercompetent revolutionary black leader comes along they get wacked by the system (without a single exception):

What determines your character are your actions, not your words. Especially when nobody is watching.

Here is a compilation of comedians making fun of “white privilege”. The first segment is by Theo Von who grew up in a poor mixed drace neighbourhood in the deep south. Here is a link to his Youtube channel.

Here is a good video on “white privilege” by police officer Brandon Tatum:

Here is another video on the same topic:

Here is the cold hearted — but intelligent — Ben Shapiro “debunking” systemic racism or “white privilege”:

Even though there aren’t a lot of hardcore racists left in America today, THE EFFECTS of racism are still present in the population. Wealth distribution is one important factor. And money is power.

But this post in not about “white privilege”. It is about “light-skinned privilege”, and whether it is real. The short answer is “yes”, it is real — but also keep reading!

At the same time, it is not what these extreme divide-and-conquer leftists make it out to be. They divide everybody into groups by ethnicity and pit them against each other.

This is Charles Barkley on “Divide and Conquer”:

Here is the most popular video on Youtube on the topic of “light-skinned privilege”:

It fairly makes the point that almost all superstar actors/actresses in Hollywood among Africa Americans are light-skinned. It is true. It really is.

Light-skinned privilege is real. There are advantages for movie production companies to hire light-skinned African Americans.

They get “full diversity points” for hiring them, while not hurting the ratings by hiring someone not “pretty” or “likable” enough.

They are in a visual and symbolic sense “a bridge” between dark skinned Africans and white people. Between black culture and white culture. A compromise. A safe middle ground.

They are also a great excuse towards having a black friend, which in todays political climate has become more and more important. They allow you to play the “I’m a good person anti-raist” card.

This African American Youtuber makes a good case as to why Light-skinned priviledge doesn’t exist:

Here are the highest ranked articles on “Light-skinned privilege” on Google:

Darker skinned individuals often get bullied (because if their skin color) in African American heavy schools. This is never mentioned in media, but is actually quite common.

Black men are known to prefer white women over black women (which is a problem). Black women have lower rates of marriage than women of ANY other race.

  • The darker, the lower…
  • The lighter-skinned, the higher…
  • You get the point.

Here is my explanation on why every black man has this urge to dick down white chicks: Why do Black Men Prefer White Girls?

All in all, it’s a very complicated topic. Light skinned people are looked upon favourably in most regions of the world. Tanned people are often “simple” workers.

In the west, though, most white people try to stay tanned — it looks better. All bodybuilders have a spray tan before they go on stage, simply because dark skin looks better. It is more visually pleasing.

But then again — why can’t angels be black? Why? Because then it’d be a DEMON? C’mon!

“Light-skinned privilege” overlaps with the concept of “white privilege” — which has been hijacked by the political left. Yet nobody ever ACTUALLY DOES anything for the broke black people of America.

  • Tackling the homeless problem in a cost-efficient manner
  • Fixing the american prison system in a cost-efficient manner

Would be a good start, and literally nobody would be worse off for it.

Just reducing chlorine and fluoride in the drinking water, as well as environmental lead — would do more for black America than any speech ever could. That, and vitamin-D supplements in all the schools (which isn’t even expensive).

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