Do The Hodgetwins Have “Light-Skinned Privilege”?

I’ve been watching The Hodgetwins for years, I’ve spent hundreds — if not thousands — of hours consuming their content. They are funny! If you do not think they are funny, you’re the problem, not them.

White and black woman. Very pretty with perfect skin. They face each other.

Here are two articles on the topic “Light-skinned privilege”:

Urban Dictionary did not even carry the term “Light-skinned privilege”(!), but, instead calls it “Tan Privilege“:

Tan privilege is a set of advantages and/or immunities that light skinned blacks benefit from on a daily basis over dark skinned blacks.

Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary has a hilarious definition of the term “Light Skinned Nigga“:

A real nigga with a fair skin tone who usually has good hair and all his teeth. He will love you down, treat you queen, and lick that KAT from top to bottom(might slide somewhere else). They have great credit (Fat dick) and even better tattoos, and their knees/ankles don’t look like chalk boards like some of these dark skinned niggas.

Urban Dictionary

Here is Googles highest ranked video on “Light-Skinned Privilege”. It also claims Kodak Black (pictured above) is a hardcore racist for preferring white girls (like most black men).

To what extent can a dark skinned BLACK man — who only has black relatives — be racist?

This African American Youtuber argues the opposite:

Hodgetwins You Are Not Black:

Hodgetwins You Are Not Black DNA Results:

I remember watching a video (that I now can’t find) where a woman on a live show commented that the Hodgetwins have “light-skinned privilege”, which they later disagreed with, but it got them thinking.

Later on, they mentioned the comment in a Youtube video about something else. This got me thinking, as well. So I am asking the honest question here: Do the Hodgetwins have “light skin privilege”?

The Hodgetwins with a tiny white pretty girl in a white tank top in the middle.

My short and brutally honest answer is “Yes”, but please here me out.

I’ve heard enough stories of darker skinned fellows being bullied in African American heavy schools. In Hollywood and media, most African Americans aren’t pitch black, they are more caramel colored, like Will Smith.

Although racism is largely overblown in today’s mass media, these lighter skinned black people are more accepted into “white” mainstream society.

  • They feel less “threatening”
  • More “civilized”
  • More “cultured”
  • More “like us”

Especially if they have a more caucasian bone structure (which often accompanies white genetics).

Gorilla and black man side by side face comparison.
Black man and monkey side by side in forest.
Chinese "racist" art. Comparing black men with animals.

I feel like a complete evil nazi racist for even pointing this out, and I am probably a worse person for it, but the traditional african look of wide nose and thick lips is similar to how some monkeys look.

No mainstream media could ever mention this, even though eveybody knows it is true. It’s one of those things. Maybe it will be different in 200 years. Who knows?

Tribe of black men painted in black and white, in shape of skeletal parts.

My point is: it isn’t only about skin colour, it is also about BONE STRUCTURE. African Americans white a more cucasian bone structure is considered more “pretty” and “beautiful” on todays society. These black people get much more opportunities in acting and modeling.

Halle Berry would not have become an “X-man” (or “X-woman”) if she looked more traditionally African. You can hate me for saying it, but it is true.

Close up of light-skinned Halle Berry from X-men.

Rihanna is another example:

Pretty picture of light-skinned Rihanna.

These extremely pretty people enjoy a kind of “reverse racism” where companies get all the benefit (moral points for “diversity”) of including a “black” person while not hurting the ratings by including someone who isn’t pretty or likable enough.

Imagine this:

Or this:

Hodgetwins smiling side by side.

The Hodgetwins have a “medium strength” African bone structure while having very light skin. Both their parents are “black”, but there had to be several white ancestors in that genetics tree (to explain the transition).

In a sense, the Hodgetwins enjoy the benefits of being “black” white also getting the benefits of being somewhat white. “Light-skinned privilege” is real, but it doesn’t take away their hard work or anything like that.

Here is a funny little video about their take on “Reperations”:

Which probably should have happened as soon as slavery ended. Here is another one about their choice of workout partners:

Black women’s chance of getting married correlates to their skin colour. Where light skinned black women get married often, and dark skinned black women very rarely.

They get married less than women from any other race, in fact. There is a real, objectively verifiable difference there. These numbers are based on millions of American women, you cannot ignore them.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Black Men Choose White Women.

Black men are known to pick white women above black women, which is a big problem in the black community.

Many black men would rather have an average white woman than a slightly above average black woman. Here is my post on that: Why do Black Men Prefer White Girls?

In this study, they found that light skinned African Americans had slightly higher levels of physical health.

Vitamin-D rich foods. Cheese, butter, milk, egg, salmon, pills.

There is of course a vitamin-D advantage to fairer skin, knowing that the vast majority of African Americans have vitamin-D deficiency (this is a national health problem!).

African-Americans At Greatest Risk of Vitamin D Deficiency (The Cooper Institute)

An estimated 40% of American adults may be vitamin D deficient. For African-Americans, that number may be nearly double at 76% according to a new study by The Cooper Institute.

The Cooper Institute
Shades of black in pretty African American woman. Painted picture with text around her.

Like I said in my other post, black tribes emigrated from Africa into Europe 50 000 years ago and became completely white over 2000 generations.

“If You’re Light You’re Alright”: Light Skin Color as Social Capital for Women of Color

The concept of social capital is used to explain how beauty, defined through light skin, works as capital and as a stratifying agent for women on the dimensions of education, income, and spousal status.

The analysis shows that light skin predicts higher educational attainment for both groups of women. Light skin directly predicts higher personal earnings for African American women and indirectly affects personal earnings for Mexican American women.

Light skin predicts higher spousal status for African American women but not for Mexican American women.


A fair skinned African American woman can get a rich man but the darker skinned equivalent cannot. This does not, however, take into account the bone structure difference between them.

What if the lighter skinned women are more beautiful? This is the one question no one dares to ask.

Mixed race children are genetically superior to one race children.

Diverse parental genes lead to taller, smarter children, finds extensive study. The children of parents who are more distantly related tend to be taller and smarter than their peers, according to one of the largest studies to date into genetic diversity.

The Guardian

Based on this fact, light skinned African Americans have a genetic advantage over one race children. Since most of them had white ancestors in order to transition over to a light complexion (like the Hodgetwins).

Summary. Blue text white background.

So there is a cultural, societal advantage to having light skin, but there is also a genetic advantage. The wider the genetic spread, the better (like black + white, or black + asian). This is why incest is absolutely horrible for the children.

Light skin privilege is real, but the impact is small compared to your actions.

Also, dark skinned African Americans experience more hostility and outright racism, which causes psychological stress and perhaps less opportunities in life.

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