Even The Men Are Getting Raped in The New Swedish Utopia

There is an ongoing debate about “rape” in Sweden. Numbers show that 90-99% of gang rapes are commited by men born abroad — or whose parents were born abroad. Of “foreign descent”, as it’s technically called.

Almost no “pure” Swedes do these:

  • brutal
  • violent
  • insane
  • grossly dehumanising

–gang rapes — record them and upload to the internet. Or save the footage and use for extortion and blackmail. Revenge porn. To prevent the victim to contact the authorities.

Imagine getting fucked by 17 guys in every hole, beaten half to death, while the guys are:

  • laughing
  • hanging out
  • drinking beer

–and filming it with their cellphones?

It always starts like this:

And ends like this:

Or this:

Though everybody would be happier if it looked more like this:

You might want to read my posts:

1 out of 43 convicted men (gang rape) in a given year was completely Swedish — as in born in Sweden, with their parents born in Sweden. Meaning neither they — nor their parents — immigrated to Sweden.

This means 42/43 convicted men for gang rape in a whole calender year was of foreign descent. This is 97.7%. Here are three of the convicted men:

32 of the 43 convicted men are foreign-born. 10 were born in Sweden with one or both parents born abroad. 1 was born in Sweden with both parents also born in Sweden.

29 of the men were sentenced to prison and received an average of three years’ imprisonment. However, some of the convictions include additional crime in addition to gang rape.

10 received in patient youth care. 2 received a suspended sentence and community service. 2 received youth service. 15 perpetrators, all born abroad and without Swedish citizenship or a stronger connection to Sweden, were sentenced to deportation. Two of them to 15 years of deportation and the rest to 10 years.

Expressen (Swedish Newspaper)

So they can actually come back in 10 or 15 years and do the same thing all over again to some new poor girl. That’s Sweden for you.

Sweden has become the rape capital of the world.

And in this process, even THE MEN are now getting raped in Sweden. Yes! It is estimated that about 5% of rapes are ever reported to the police. With male victims, it is much lower than that.

So for every REPORTED male rape, there might be 100 rapes that actually happened in the real world. Further down, I will explain why this is the case. Why male rape victims almost never go to the police (there is a reason).

Male rape is so incredibly universally funny that Youtube doesn’t even bother to take videos like this down:

And guess what? They got no flack for it. Because literally nobody cares enough to complain.

Like really.

This meme was really well made I think:

Okay. Let’s look at the numbers of male rape. The graphs below are taken from the official Swedish agency for statistical production.

This graph shows self-reported victims of sexual crimes in Sweden in 2019 (before Covid-19 broke out):

9.4% of the women reported being the victim of some form of sexual crime (not only rape). 1.4% of the men reports the same thing. If we do the math, that’s 70 000 male victims of sexual crimes in Sweden in 2019.

That’s a lot! I mean, the vast majority of men (about 90%) wouldn’t dream of touching another man that way. Because they’re drawn to women.

In just 2008, the percentage was 0.2% instead of 1.4%. That’s 1/7th of the frequency! That’s an increase of 600%! In just 11 years.

And the number in 2008 was much higher than 30 years before that, when Sweden was as peaceful as Japan, with extremely low rates of rape and violent crime.

There was also a very low level of immigration. Japan has almost zero immigration every year. Same with China and large parts of Europe which are doing very well right now.

On the topic of male-to-male sex. Gay sex is very easy to come by if you visit gay clubs, or gay sex clubs, where everybody gets naked and rub up on each other until something explodes.

Buying sex from male prostitutes is also not stigmatized, it’s not considered “wrong” in Sweden. Women who do it are “victims” who are manipulated by the patriarchy into doing it against their will, men are simply “enjoying themselves” in the process of making money.

Women who do sex work are almost never actually interviewed in media and even stripping is considered deeply sinful and “wrong” in modern Swedish society. Many clubs have shut down due to protests 24/7 outside the club, harassing visitors.

Strippers who like their job are somehow “hypnotized” by the ever-intrusive patriarchy who manage to control all women everywhere from the shadows.

The main point is that gay men have an easy outlet for their sexuality while straight men have not. There is porn, but as far as physical contant, there isn’t much.

This next graph shows us how many reports in 2019 there was of rape against men and boys:

The number is 674 (purple line). I wanted a graph of exactly how many reports there were of ADULT MEN being raped, but it was not there. From this graph, we can tell it has increased substancially since 2011.

In 2011, the number was 379. And way less than 10% of all rapes ever get reported, especially male rapes, which mainstream society finds really funny somehow.

Watch big budget movies and there is at least one anal penetration joke in each one. Even in Disney movies, like Aladdin and the Lion King (actually most Disney movies).

It is always against a man and it is always shown in a humorous way. It is “funny”. It is really very common, I might do a seperate post on this alone.

Sexual Assault of Men Played for Laughs – Part 1:

Sexual Assault of Men Played for Laughs – Part 2 (could not be embedded). Convinced yet?

This graph shows how many men and women were exposed to a sexual crime that included some kind of “force”:

This can be any kind of sexual act, as long as it includes some form of threats or violence. So not only rape, but rape is included in that category.

0.3% of men which is 11 000 people in the year of 2019. They only include the very recent years in the graph because they don’t want to show what it looked like 10 and 20 year ago — when it was MUCH lower.

Over the course of 30 years, Sweden went from having historically low levels of rape to record high levels of rape. Most men convicted of rape are of foreign descent, the vast majority in fact.

For a long time, Swedish authorities didn’t evn RECORD ethnicity or background in sexual crimes because they knew the results would look so bad.

Alternative media that reported on it (like this one) are called “hate sites” by mainstream media and get harassed constantly. The people who work there are character assassinated and blacklisted in the job market. Why do you think I am anonymous?

They get doxed online so extremist groups can target them and their family. This is considered “good violence” by the political left. Since the end goal is “pure”.

Boys and men are being raped at unprecedented rates in Sweden, and the vast majority of these rapes are not reported to the authories (so no one ever finds out).

While mainstream culture finds “anal penetration” funny if it happens to a man, it is absolutely horrible if it happens to a woman. Women are victims, and men are predators.

Interesting sidenote is that the women in Sweden are raping at much higher levels than before. Modern feminism has somehow turned women into rapists and victims at the same time.

Here is a graph of reported rapes from 2019:

The graph is really explicitly about rape, but has the misleading headline of “Accused of sexual crimes”. 74 women in Sweden were formally charged with rape in 2019.The same number in just 2011 were 39.

That’s almost double the rapes in 8 years! And go back 30-40 years and it’s half what it was in 2011. The cultural attempt for women to become more like men has succeeded in at least the rapes department.

There is a strong emphasis in Sweden on women to be “strong” and “aggressive” — just like men (which is a false negative stereotype).

This graph shows that 15% of rapes which are reported, lead to some some of conviction, even if it is a small fine (which is often the case). Rape is in many ways the “perfect crime”, because it is extremely hard to prove.

Back in 2012, the same number was 22%. Most rapes are never reported to the authories. Rape victims are treated horribly in Sweden, and many immigrants get weaker/smaller sentences because “they can’t be expected to know that rape is illegal in Sweden” (it is not illegal in their home country).

Most of them do not get deported even if they are serial rapists with a long criminal record. The predators get more rehabilitation in jail (if they get jail) than the victims do after the trial.

In Sweden, we feel more sorry for the predator than the victim. Even in the case of a violent rape.

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