These 3 Female MMA Fighters Should Stop Fighting and Start Milking Dick

In order to make this list you have to be:

  • A female MMA fighter
  • Disturbingly hot/sexy/fine/pretty/attractive
  • Not a world class fighter

The infamous Ronda Rousey introduced female MMA fighters into the UFC, and quickly became the highest paid individual in the whole organization. Impressive! She was, in some ways, an early Conor McGregor.

I would never tell Ronda to “stop fighting and stark milking dick”, because she was too damn entertaining and too damn good. Her armbars were soul snatchers. She had the best armbars in the history of MMA, man or woman (and still to this day).

But once the UFC introduced several female divisions in their organization, their events became 5 hours long, and their ratings dropped heavily. Yes. The actual entertainment value went down.

Michael Bisping, Brendan Schaub, and George St. Pierre have both openly complained about these less-than entertaining fights we are forced to watch.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight kingpin Georges St. Pierre isn’t the biggest fan of women’s mixed martial arts (MMA). It’s not that he’s opposed to it, “Rush” simply says “it’s hard to watch girls fighting” because of his “old school” upbringing.

MMA Mania

In reality he just finds it boring, but you can’t say that.

A street fight between two random dudes is more entertaining than most female MMA fights.

  • They weigh nothing
  • They are slow
  • There are no finishes
  • Not as aggressive or intense
  • No emotional peaks or valleys
  • You don’t know who they are
  • They don’t look scary
  • You could kick their ass
  • They physically cannot knock each other out
  • Their technique is terrible

Female MMA is so boring 95% of the time that not even the women can make themselves watch it. If it was up to me, I would just have female superfights in the UFC, and skip the low-medium level fighters.

Females fighting each other until they both become ugly (face damage) and dumb (brain damage) goes against human nature.

I know the previous statement makes me a sexist asshole, like some kind of swamp sewage person, but have you personally met A SINGLE PERSON who was truly excited about female MMA?

That’s right.

They don’t exist.

You can be upset over my words, but objective reality is on my side. It is inherently boring to watch women fight unless they are pretty or got some other freak factor. Like the giant Gabi Garcia who fights migits:

The commission would never sanction a pro MMA fight between two males with this size difference, but for some reason it’s okay when women do it.

95% of all MMA practitioners are men. Make superfights with the rare entertaining exceptions. Amanda Nunes and Valentina Shevchenko are both world class fightes, and very entertaining.

Women are trying to become like men. But a woman without feminine characteristics is really just a “shitty man”.

Here is the list of the three women who should stop fighting immediately and start “milking dick” instead. That just means they should find a job where their looks converts to money.


  • Waitressing
  • Acting
  • Modeling
  • Stripping
  • Selling sex
  • Only Fans Account

1) Paige VanZant

Paige Vanzant is awell rounded MMA fighter of medium talent. She isn’t specilized at any particular part of MMA. Her body is optimised for sucking and fucking, not fighting another bitch to death. Here is her Instagram.

You get the point. She did a breast enlargement while she was still in the UFC.

2) Michelle Waterson

Michelle Waterson is similar to Paige Vanzant in many ways, in that she isn’t a specialist. She is somewhere between “okay” to “good” in everything, without being great at anything. She also isn’t overly fast, explosive, or strong.

Her looks are extraordinary, her fighting skills are average for a competitive fighter.

3) Jinh Yu Frey

Jinh Yu Frey is an American-Korean MMA fighter with a record of 16-10. With an amateur record of 5-2. The white-asian mixed race combination is POWERFUL.

This woman is built like a WARRIOR. If I wasn’t a better person, I would almost start to suspect she is a lesbian (like Amanda Nunes).

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