Steven Assanti from “My 600-LB Life” is the Real Life Human Cartman From South Park

Remember that South Park episode when Cartman drank protein drinks and got fat as hell?

What more, Steven Assanti also has the same PERSONALITY as Cartman:

  • Highly verbal
  • Intelligent in a cynical & cunning way
  • Self-centered
  • Selfish
  • Narcissistic
  • Hedonistic
  • Delusional confidence
  • Extreme laziness
  • Very rude
  • But also funny

Here’s another good one:

You need to watch the full episode to get the whole picture. Here’s a follow up with some background information. He bullied his brother and ate all his food, which was very trumatic for his skinny starving brother (Justin Assanti).

This is him being extremely annoying and rude at the hospital staff. The Doctor uses the term “abuse” but I think that term is too harsh for this scenario.

Here is an update that you should watch! 3.9 million views as of right now (the content will suprise you):

What happened to Steven Assanti? Is he dead today? Wiki Bio (Biography Tribune) — I can recommend this article if you want to know more about him.

Okay let’s look at some clips of Cartman. Here is Cartmans best moments Part 1 on Youtube. It was deemed so bad it could not be embedded onto the site. But the interaction with the dwarf might be the best part:

You have to see when Cartman trains for Special Olympics:

And when he starts playing World of Warcraft:

This is a real funny clip of when Cartman is trained by the dog whisperer:

Here is Part 2 of Cartman’s best moments:

In this Youtube clip that could not be embedded Cartman fakes having Tourette syndrome so he can say nasty shit to everyone. In some strange way, Cartman is Steven Assanti’s spirit animal.

What do you think?

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