That Good Old Time When Sweden’s Toxic Feminists Tried to Ban Men From Peeing Standing up

I wish this was a joke.

But it’s not.

Back in June 2012 feminists from the extreme left party “Vänsterpartiet” in Sweden tried to pass a motion to ban men from peeing standing up.

Their aim was to force men to pee sitting down. Because they considered peeing standing up “toxic masculinity”.

Ironically, this deep desire to control what men does in the bathroom — on their own free time, is an overt sign of toxic femininity, or shall we say “toxic feminism”.

From their point of view, men are harassing them and discriminating against them by peeing outside the toilet bowl in public bathrooms, and this is their attempt at fighting back. They are merely punching back.

That’s all.

Check this out.

This is from Sweden’s largest paper & online newspaper “Aftonbladet“, in June 2012:

Wants to forbid men to stand and pee

The Left Party in Sörmland is tired of peeing men with with poor precision. They want to introduce compulsory seating in the county council’s toilets.

“This may sound like a shitty question, but it has a serious side to it,” says Lasse Nilsson (V), political secretary for the county council group.

Now there will be an end to sloppy toilet floors. The Left Party wants to introduce a rule within the county council that you can only sit and pee in most toilets.


The party’s representatives in Sörmland County Council say they are both concerned about the environment in the toilets and about men’s health. They refer to medical reports that show that the bladder is emptied better for men who sit and urinate.

This in turn leads to a reduced risk of prostate problems and a better sex life according to the party’s motion, writes the newspaper Folket. Another reason is hygienic; no one should have to step on urine that the standing urinals have splashed on the floor.

“But there are more aspects. The work environment for those who clean, for example,” says Lasse Nilsson.


But the Left Party does not want a total ban on standing peeing. They want to mark toilets that are only for those who sit. Other toilets are marked so that those who want to stand and pee can find the right toilet.

“There should be room for everyone, even guerrilla pissers. But seriously, this is mostly a way to raise the issue and make people realize that it is better for them to sit,” says Lasse Nilsson.

How do you do it yourself? Sitting or standing?

“For my own part, it is about 50-50, I must admit,” says Lasse Nilsson.


Sörmland County Council is governed by a coalition consisting of the Social Democrats, the People’s Party and the Green Party. It is unclear what they think of the proposal.

“We have not conferred with them,” says Lasse Nilsson.


Here is a list of articles supporting the notion that men should change their ways and sit down while they pee.

It is very important. They are in Swedish but I translated the headline so they make sense:

Watch Ronda Rousey shut down a whiny feminist:

Here’s a heated debate with Jordan Peterson and a feminist on equality:

Comedian Bill Burr Constant Shitting on Women:

Bill Burr Constant Shitting on Women Part 2:

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