USA Olympic Gymnastic Team Doctor Larry Nassar Molested Teen Girls In Front of Their Parents!

This sexy power house is Simone Biles, and she was molested by Larry Nassar (more on that further down).

This is Doctor Larry Nassar, who abused at least 265 girls and was sentenced to 175 years in prison. At least 65 victims confronted him in court. He molested girls over two decades under the guise of medical treatment.

Larry Nassar always tries to look sad on pictures, because he’s trying to play the victim card. The very second he landed in prison, he was assaulted.

Nassar was “physically attacked” within hours after being released into the general population at the United States Penitentiary in Tucson, Arizona.

NBC news
What Is an Osteopath? Infographic by WeryWellMind. White guy black teenage girl.

He was a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. This article explains what that is: What Is an Osteopath? (VeryWellMind)

Nassar, 54, was a doctor of osteopathic medicine and performed osteopathic manipulation, in which a doctor uses his or her hands to move a patient’s muscles and joints with techniques that include stretching, gentle pressure and resistance.

Lead Prosecutor Angela Povilaitis also said during the sentencing phase of Nassar’s trial that he penetrated his patients’ anuses and vaginas with his bare hands.

Seven women who contacted IndyStar about Nassar said the doctor penetrated them in the vagina with his finger with some instances occurring in hotels and training camps.

Five said they were underage at the time and that Nassar did not wear gloves. Three also said that he touched their breasts. Three of the women said the doctor was visibly sexually aroused during at least one treatment.


He’s a more serious version of the controversial Swedish Doctor That Treats Foot Pain With Anal Massage (he only treats girls).

Here are some Larry Nassar cartoons:

Here is an interesting quote from Larry Nassar’s page:

Nassar apologized for his years of abuse, saying that the strong effects that his victims’ statements had on him “pales in comparison” to the suffering he inflicted on them. Despite this, Cunningham stated that Nassar was still in “denial” about the “devastating impact” of his crimes.

Wikipedia – Larry Nassar

Bullshit. If he gave a shit he wouldn’t have done it HUNDREDS of times over 20 years in the first place.

Here’s another one, comparing him to Jerry Sandusky, who committed sexual crimes as a coach (over 15+ years). Here is a wikipedia link to the Penn State child sex abuse scandal.

Nassar’s crimes committed at MSU and USA Gymnastics have drawn comparisons to coach Jerry Sandusky‘s sexual abuse crimes at Penn State University. In both of these cases, institutional authorities “turned the other way” or tried to hide the activities of a child molester instead of immediately contacting law enforcement.

Wikipedia – Larry Nassar

500 million dollars to 332 victims.

MSU agreed to pay $500 million to 332 alleged victims of Nassar, settling lawsuits filed by the victims. This was the largest amount of money in history settled by a university for a sexual abuse case.

Wikipedia – Larry Nassar

World class gymnast Simone Biles was also part of the trial. She was not told Larry Nassar was under investigation when she was being “treated” by him.

Here is her appearance of Megyn Kelly Today:

Here is an interview with three of the many women that came forward once it became public.

Here are two highlight videos:

Here is an article from IndyStar written from the perspective of the mother who was in the examination room when the abuse happened. Here is a summary of the exam room situation:

  • Her teenage daughter had running shorts on.
  • He would cover the girl with a sheet.
  • He would move around and partially block the view from the parent with his body (sometimes he would skip this step).
  • He would slip one or two fingers inside her vagina or anus (no gloves), and massage it slowly.
  • This was for back pain.
  • Also: it worked. Her impossible-to-treat back pain went away like some kind of miracle treatment.
  • His treatments always had good results, according to the mother who now hates him, even from the very beginning.

So why treat back pain with a intimate massage?

  1. Well, he said her she had back pain because her shoulders were out of alignment.
  2. Which cause her spine to be out of alignment.
  3. Which cause her pelvic bone to be out of alignment.
  4. And the only way to “correct” her pelvic bones alignment — was to insert a finger or two and perform long, deep, and thorough massage of the general area.

One can only hope he had the decency to use some kind of massage oil.

He also built trust for years before the molestation even started. It also helped to be a small, physically weak, unassuming guy, so that he couldn’t even have raped them if he wanted to (assuming they resisted). It made him appear like less of a threat.

Here is a really good section from the mother herself:

Letter: I am a mom who was in the exam room while Dr. Larry Nassar treated my daughter

Frankly, I had been a bit skeptical of those in the medical profession – for a lot of reasons. We had seen numerous doctors on numerous occasions with the same outcome. No help. From inaccurate diagnoses to no diagnosis at all, our experiences jaded me. I was untrusting. Even cynical. Until I met Larry.

On our very first visit, he gave us an accurate diagnosis and charted a course of action as well. And it worked. And then, when another issue arose, we called Larry again. True to form, he helped solve the problem and put my daughter on the road to healing. This happened off and on for years. No problems. No questions.

And then the back pain came. Desperate for answers and relief, we called our favorite doc, Larry. Due to our mutually busy schedules, we met him off hours. “How nice of him!” we thought. Little did we know that this was a pattern of his behavior. He proceeded to evaluate my girl and then gave her (the) treatment.

She was fully covered – even wearing running shorts. I, unlike others, don’t remember him ‘blocking’ my view, but since she was covered, I was unaware of what he was doing under the sheet. After he was done, he washed his hands and I remember thinking “Did he just do what I think he did? Where are his gloves?”

I immediately dismissed the thoughts as there must have been some good reason. This was Larry after all. No need to question him. I trusted him. We all trusted him.

The crazy thing about all of this (in our situation anyway) is the treatment really did help. My daughter went from barely being able to walk to being nearly pain-free. He had done it again! He helped us in what was otherwise a very concerning injury. These treatments went on for six months. No questions. No concerns.

I was in the exam room – IndyStar

This situation is a complete mindfuck. Because the parents are “consenting” to the abuse by being there and watching it happen. Reinforcing this idea that it’s all in her head.

This gets him off, doing it in front of her parents and getting away with it. It’s the ultimate mindfuck and “fuck you” to the parents (and society in general).

Here is a good infographic on sexual grooming:

There are actual MANUALS on darknet about grooming teenagers. It is systematically done in a very cunning way. They are lured in with fun parties and alcohol and then the sexual escalation begins.

In this police interview Larry Nassar explains why he is the victim:

He also sort of admits he would get an erection during these “fingering” treatments.

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