This Swedish Doctor Cures Foot Pain With Anus Massage (he only treats girls)

Doctor in white robe about to insert one finger into the anus of a hot white girl with a bubble butt.
Swedish Doctor Mikael Nordfors. Known in Sweden as the "anal doctor".

This is Mikael Nordfors, a Swedish doctor that treats many forms of pain with an anus massage. He has has many complaints and been warned repeatedly by the doctors commission. He then moved to Norway where his methods and complaints continued.

Norway in the winter.

The article below is from Sweden’s biggest newspaper Aftonbladet, both in physical copy and online. Warned Again — For His Anal Massage.

All the complaints has been from girls, so he does not appear to treat men. He is very eager to “treat” these young women with apple bottoms.

MOVE ALONG. NOTHING TO SEE HERE MEME with police officer from South Park.

Below is a translated version of the Swedish article in full.

Hot white girl with green eyes and blue hair with a suprised look on her face.

Warned Again — For His Anal Massage

“I know I can cure them in five minutes” — Doctor Mikael Nordfors (pictured above) cures pain through anus massage. He has been reported by several women in Sweden and warned three times by the Health and Medical Care Responsibility Committee.

He is now being examined in Norway. The Norwegian newspaper VG writes that several women have complained about the treatment that Mikael Nordfors has subjected them to.

Male hand with white glove and blue background.

Inserts a finger

They state that he, without asking permission, inserted fingers into the rectum to massage a muscle there. Nordfors rejects the criticism and says that it is impossible to put a finger in the anal without first notifying the patient.

“I insert a finger and squeeze the muscle, then I inject cortisone and local anesthetic into the buttocks,” he says. He states that thousands of Swedes who suffer from piriformis syndrome have been cured by the method. It is simple, without side effects and has a good effect on back pain, fibromyalgia and sciatica pain.

“The County Administrative Court revoked the oldest warnings in mid-June and they will revoke the others as well. The National Board of Health and Welfare’s argument is pure joke,” he says.

Angry white goth girl. Very attractive. Black tight dress.

They can get mad

The strong reactions that the treatment creates in the women who report him are explained by Nordfors that the method hurts.

“By tradition, women feel easier as victims than men. Those who do not get better immediately can become angry”, he says.

Hot skinny white girl with a man's finger in her ass.

I was humiliated

A woman in Stockholm was forced to seek medical help for cracks in the anal opening after treatment with Mikael Nordfors in 2001. In 2002, a 72-year-old woman in Jämtland reported him to the responsible committee. She had pain in her foot and went to the health center in Bräcke, where Nordfors was a relay doctor.

White man about to massage the ass of a sensual white woman on her stomach.

Anus massage for foot pain

“I had pain in my foot, but he said I should lie on my stomach so he could feel the end. I protested and screamed in pain, but he just kept going”, she says. Afterwards, the woman was shaken and bruised.

The worst thing was that I was so offended by him. He asked if I had a boyfriend and if I was a lesbian. When I said that it hurt so much that I was close to death, he said that it will probably be a nice death.


I’m not saying he’s wrong, but it is interesting how the solution for every kind of pain is a:

  • long
  • thorough
  • deep
  • oiled up

–anus massage with several fingers if it’s a:

  • young
  • hot
  • innocent
  • tight

–girl. Like this one:

Sexy young white chick with a round bubble butt and playboy ears on. Almost naked.

Or this one:

Extremely sexy wet animated asian woman in a blue swimsuit. Huge swelling tits.

But when the old homeless dude drops by with hemorrhoids and a mean attitude — the fingers are nowhere to be seen! The guy walks away with Benzos and enough medical grade cocaine to turn Virgin Mary into a crack whore.

Suddenly, there are other ways of treating pain!

MOVE ALONG. NOTHING TO SEE HERE MEME with police officer from South Park.

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