97.7% of Convicted Gang Rapists in Sweden are Immigrants

It has long been a desire in the Swedish population to simply record the ethnicity and background of convicted rapists all across Sweden. But the government has refused, since, “there is nothing to find”.

We’ve been stuck in this low information situation for decades, yes decades, where the government can disregard any criticism due to a lack of data they themselves created.

This valid and rational criticism is refered to as “hate, threats, and violence” — without ever specifying what is what. Inferring that they are the victim and therefore right.

Meanwhile, a small innocent 14-year-old girl who has never watched porn gets dragged into a dark alley and fucked in every possible hole by 3 huge dudes who cover her mouth so she can’t scream for help while it happens.

  • If you are upset by this, YOU are problem.
  • NOT the system that allowed it to happen.

Just read about what one dude did to this stunning girl who was raped orally, strangled unconscious, beaten and fucked for a solid 20 minutes:

Anyway. This Swedish newspaper did THEIR OWN investigation into these gang rapes.

This is what they found. The Swedish newspaper “Expressen” found that 42/43 of convicted gang rapists in Sweden under 2016 & 2017 were of foreign descent. This amounts to 97.7%.

The vast majority of men, 32 out of 43, were not even born in Sweden. One single man was born in Sweden with both parents born in Sweden. This is a cultural thing, and a genetic thing.

Here is a summary of the article:

They are men who rape women together


The convicted perpetrators were on average 21 years old. 13 had not turned 18 at the time of the rape.

14 out of 43, or 32 percent, had previously been convicted of crimes in Sweden at the time of the rape. 32 of the 43 convicted men were born abroad.

10 were born in Sweden with one or both parents born abroad. 1 man was born in Sweden with both parents also born in Sweden.


29 of the men were sentenced to prison and received an average of three years’ imprisonment. However, some of the convictions include additional crime in addition to gang rape.

10 received in patient youth care. 2 received a conditional discharge and community service. 2 received youth service obligation.

15 perpetrators, all born abroad and without Swedish citizenship or a stronger connection to Sweden, were sentenced to deportation. Two of them to 15 years of deportation and the rest got 10 years.


So the average sentence was 3 years of prison time, which is really 2 years if you behave “well”. For a gang rape? Many didn’t even get jail!

And the ones without Swedish citizenship, which were many, got banned from Sweden for 10 or 15 years. Again, for a gang rape?

I mean. You cannot even enter China or Canada with so much as a parking ticket.

In Sweden, the more deformed and sick you are, the higher the chance that you get a citizenship. It is literally seen as positive factor on your resumé. It’s up-side-down world over here, in Sweden.

This man is on Interpools list of wanted men, and went underground as soon as the verdict fell.

Face of "Swedish" rapist Adam Al-Zawatia.

The man in question is the Palestinian Adam Al-Zawatia, 44, who in 2016 was sentenced to four years in prison and deportation for having been the driving force behind a gang rape.

Of the prison sentence, he has not serve a single day. When the verdict fell, he had gone underground and has since disappeared without a trace.

“I do not know where he is. Even if I knew, I would not say it”, says Magnus Müchler, who was his defense lawyer during the trial.


This is Professor Niklas Långström. He speaks about the psychology behind the gang rapes:

Professor Niklas Långström believes that there are differences between those who commit gang rapes versus individual rapes.

“Group perpetrators more often have square and exaggerated male dominance behaviors, impaired impulse control and antisocial thinking. However, they are less often sexually engaged or turn on deviant sexual things than other sex offenders,” he says.

What role does the group dynamic have?

“The group dynamics are important, keep the group together but at the same time enable serious violations. There is often a driving force that may start sexually raping. During the rape, the participants express anger and dominance, the victim is dehumanized and is often considered to deserve the abuse. The participant who protests risks being threatened himself.”


Swedish media will also minimize the gang rapes. These words are by statistician (Brå) Stina Holmberg:

“It is clearly more common among young immigrant boys, but it is a vanishingly small part of everyone who commits this type of crime. The 43 who were convicted can be compared to the 163,000 people who applied for asylum in Sweden during the record year 2015.”


It has come out that the official Swedish statistical agency (Brå) responsible for compiling these statistics hire young, weak willed women who always go along with the system.

It is a known strategy. Their job is to bend the numbers as much as possible to defend the sitting politicians. This is a full time job.

Every system tries to defend itself and justify it’s own existence. Every company, system, and organism — has a “survival instinct”– if you will. Brå is infected with spineless cowards. Anybody who speaks out gets blacklisted and character assassinated.

The last time they did a study was back in 2005.

“In our study in 2005, it was five times more common to be suspected of rape as a foreign-born person compared to someone who was born in Sweden with two Swedish parents”, says Stina Holmberg.


Several of the perpetrators also filmed the acts and uploaded them online, “to make a porno”, as they said.

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