That Time When Swedish Feminists Tried to Impose a “Man Tax” on All Men

These pictures are of Femen feminists, who fight “the patriarchy” with their naked bodies. This is an example of toxic feminism.

For many years now, Swedish feminists and several large newspapers with a strong online presence have lobbied for a “man tax” on all men.

Yes, you heard that right.

Although this might seem like a joke to you, this is a serious topic here in Sweden. I have to be anonymous to even write about it.

That should tell you something. This is how far Sweden has gone down the rabbit hole.

I just read the top 7-8 articles on Google on the topic. Their main stated reason is that all men should take economical responsibility for the violence women experience from men.

  • Mens violence against women is the main reason.
  • The fact that men receive much more violence than women in LITERALLY every country on Earth — doesn’t seem to matter to them.
  • Almost all violence in a society is directed at men.
  • Most victims of violent crime are men.
  • The worse the violence, the more often it is man.
  • In the year of 2020, 99 out of 124 deaths by lethal force were men. That is 79.8%.
  • That’s 8 out of every 10 people.

Their second stated reason is the gender pay gap. Which they cite to be 7% in Sweden. Men make, on average, 7% more than women.

What they fail to bring up is that men:

  • Work much more than women
  • Are more superficial and pick boring and mundane jobs just for the money, like sales
  • Don’t have to be pregnant and be away from work after a child is born
  • Aren’t home as much with the kids, which makes them more valuable for the company they work for. Some high paying jobs require you to be there every single day without exception
  • Don’t value life “balance” to the same degree, and pursue career goals much more aggressively
  • Are more accepting of travel, risk, rejection, and social isolation
  • Don’t lose 10-30% of the productivity one week a month
  • Are better negotiators, and therefore force the company to boost their salary
  • Pick more dangerous jobs, just for the money
  • Pick more stressful jobs, just for the money
  • Are much more interested in science and technology, which is scalable, as oppose to working with humans (which is generally not scalable)

Men should make WAY MORE than 7% extra. The fact they don’t, is pure discrimination. Women can fuck their way up the corporate ladder — men can’t. “Beauty privilege” isn’t just real — it is the strongest privilege of them all.

Imagine being one blowjob away from a promotion at all times?

Here is Wikipedias politically correct description on the topic:

So-called “man tax” has been an idea of ​​a tax, or other fiscal policy measure, that would be paid or financed by men to increase equality in society. Proposers have argued, among other things, that men have a collective responsibility for violence that affects women, and that this could be regulated by political means.

A “man tax” — has also been proposed to ensure that the pay gap between men and women is evened out.


Here are some more details further down:

During the 2010s, several politicians and writers have proposed “man tax”. In 2013, the Umeå Municipality’s Gender Equality Committee proposed a “gender equality tax” which would mean a higher municipal tax for men than women.

The Left Party in Östergötland joined the proposal. The columnist Gunnar Bergdahl proposed man tax in a cultural article in Helsingborgs Dagblad 2011.

Another proposal was presented by ETC editor Johan Ehrenberg on March 5, 2014, under the heading “Time to introduce male tax”. Writers Malin Wollin and Lady Dahmer have also suggested male tax.


There isn’t even an English wikipedia site on this topic. Interesting.

Here is the highest ranked Swedish article on Google on the topic. It is fairly short so I will include the whole thing:

Time to introduce a man tax!

Violence against women is not a women’s issue. The shame of a society where seventeen women a year are killed by a man with whom they have or have had a close relationship. Why does this have to continue?

Sweden’s women’s shelters sounded the alarm many years ago. They were then hit by a media anti-campaign after one of the leaders used the words: men are animals. But if you follow the development, those words seem quite kind. Every fifth!

And the simple truth that is revealed time and time again is that: They are still suffering from a lack of resources, women who need protection still lack a given place, it is still voluntary support work, not joint responsibility, that is offered.

“It has gotten better,” a social worker told me.

“Better how?”

“Now you know you are not doing anything.”

In Dagens ETC we told last week about a new attempt. The dog must therefore protect against … men. How much lower can we get? We can ‘t just talk about this anymore. All feminist men must try to find ways to turn the debate into the problem.

Men’s violence.

Men’s thoughts.

Men’s passivity.


I think we should demand a man tax. Like all taxes, for the poor, maybe twenty, more for the middle-income earner, one hundred and then 200 kronor for those who earn more than 35,000 kronor (that is, including all male politicians).

All men pay for a special initiative against men’s violence against women. Women’s shelters, education, support groups and then of course the care of men who strike women.

We do this because we are jointly responsible, if nothing happens. Since 2.6 million men work, it will be around two billion kronor per year for what we obviously ignore today. The tax provides concrete money but also awareness and debate.

And of course, the tax disappears the day men’s violence against women ends. Anyone against that? No, I thought so.

by Johan Ehrenberg

Dala Demokraten

An influential feminist leader here in Sweden literally said MEN ARE ANIMALS“. They still, to this day, defend that statement. They are mostly suprised and shocked everybody else doesn’t agree.

The feminists really truly believe all men are collectively responsbile for what a small minority does. Now, the same does not apply to any other group in the world. And it DEFINATELY doesn’t apply to women… because that would make you a sexist bigot.

Or something even worse.

Modern toxic feminism that has taken over Sweden — is an attempted character assassination on all men. Which ends up being a character assassination on women. Because only a truly dumb group of people could buy into this illogical bullshit.

Here is a collection of other highly ranked Swedish articles on the subject. I have translated the headline so they make sense:

Former Left Party leader Gudrun Schyman wants to introduce a special man tax. The idea is that men should collectively take financial responsibility for men’s violence against women.

Dagens Industri

The ironical plot twist is that collective punishment is illegal in Sweden (and has been for a long time).

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