Why is Male Rape So Damn Funny?

Male gay sex hentai. Featured image for blog post "Why is Male Rape So Damn Funny?".
Male rape funny meme. Why the fuck? Is male rape funny? From Star Trek.
male rape funny meme
male rape funny meme with justin bieber and black male inmate
Male rape funny meme. Free sex. Male rape victim. The Hulk.

In western civilization, male rape is considered so damn universally funny that not one single person has been cancelled for making those jokes.

You are, in fact, a walking punchline in most big budget movies. If you didn’t notice, many big budget movies contain male rape jokes, and it is 100% okay to laugh about them.

You are, in fact expected to. If you DO NOT laugh, you are the weird one.

Many kids movies (most?) like Lion King and Aladdin contain anal penetration humor on men. The victim is always male and usually an adult. I could do a post on this topic alone.

Male rape is treated by mainstream culture the complete opposite to how female rape is treated. Don’t believe me? Good, check out both these compilations on Youtube:

Sexual Assault of Men Played for Laughs – Part 1 Male Perpetrators:

Here is part 2 with female perpetrators, which could not be embedded onto the site. Youtube does this with age-restricted controversial content.

  • Men raping men is not controversial
  • Females raping men are


male rape funny movie compilation screenshot

Youtube link: Sexual Assault of Men Played for Laughs – Part 2 Female Perpetrators

I found this really well made meme on Google images: Male Rape Victim Starter Pack:

Male Rape Victim Starter Pack meme compilation.
  • When a woman gets raped, it is worse than murder.
  • When a man gets raped the exact same way in the exact same hole, with the identical amount of violence and malicious intent, the entire worlds laughs about it, and literally nobody cares.

Here are a couple other memes:

Male rape funny meme. Male rape victims vs  Female rape victims.
Male rape funny meme. Male on female rape bad. Female on male rape good.

Physical rape of men is so accepted in our culture that if you search Google images with “male rape meme” you will find a bunch of PRO male rape memes.

Funny male rape meme. Text: A man was raped while jogging in Texas city by a group of women. I a week hundreds of men started visiting the park for jogging.

THE BOOTY WARRIOR Fleece Johnson became a living legend with this Boondocks episode:

Here is the story behind it:

This story is so uncontroversial in our culture that Youtube didn’t even age-restrict this content. Name one single person that got cancelled for making a rape joke about men? I’m waiting…

Still waiting skeleton meme.
I'm waiting Kevin Hart meme.

Dave Chappelle | Man Rape | Stand-Up Comedy:

There are more men getting raped in America than women in total. Because of the epimedic of rape in American prisons. And literally nobody cares… if you are a woman then at least the entire world isn’t laughing in your face.

The Rape Jokes We Still Laugh At (New York Times):

Black male raped in prison. "I had to weak a tucker to pull back the genitals". Youtube screenshot.
Black male raped in prison. Youtube screenshot. "The people who can affect the change make jokes about it."

This feminine man was “bought” for 20 dollars in prison off the man that initally anally raped him in the shower. The man who owned him made him dance in front of the prison guards who all laughed about it:

This reaction to this man is not the exception, it is THE NORM. We have collectively as a culture decided that:

  • Female rape is 100% horrible, and
  • Male rape is 100% funny

–even it if is violent, forceful, under threat, with manipulation, and against your will.

Checkout this little monologue with 2.5 million views — that could not be embedded: Why Male Rape Is Sincerely Hilarious (and female rape is not)

Male Sexual Abuse Isn’t Funny | August 1, 2018 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS:

SHARP Academy – Male Sexual Assault:

No Escape: Prison Rape in America – The Rules of the Game:

I have laughed about male rape myself, when I’m hanging with the boys and I know for a fact none of them were ever raped.

The internet is just full of memes like this:

But I find it strange that male rape is considered to be “SIMPLY HILARIOUS” — and an identical female rape by the very same man is just “TRULY HORRIBLE“.

  • What’s your honest opinion about this?
  • Why is “Male Rape So Damn Funny” — in our society?
  • Why are you “the weird outsider” if you are upset by both female and male rape?
1 in 6 men experience sexual violence in their lifetime. Infographic about male sexual assault.

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