New Study Prove Women Were Built to Milk Dick and Look After Kids

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A large new study makes stay-at-home mothers the happiest profession in the world. While this is no suprise to stay-at-home mothers in middle class and high income families — who already know they are happy — this might be a suprise to some people.

Stay-at-home mothers are quite literally the happiest people on planet Earth. 87.2% said they were genuinly happy in their day-to-day lives. That is the highest number out of every recorded profession.

The job that makes us happiest? Housewife! Survey finds stay-at-home mothers are more satisfied than any other profession

They scored 87.2 per cent in the happiness ratings.

The others in the top five were those working in: hospitality and events management – 86.3 per cent; creative arts and design – 84.4 per cent; the charity sector – 83.9 per cent; leisure, sport and tourism – 83.7 per cent.

The least satisfied were working in marketing, advertising and public relations, with a happiness rating of 53.8 per cent.

The others in the bottom five were: police and security officers – 59.4 per cent; salesmen and women – 67.4 per cent; civil servants – 70 per cent; shop workers – 70.8 per cent.


This result has mirrored other findings all over the world. About 35% of women in the workforce would actually prefer to stay home with the kids.

The findings reinforce the results of large-scale research on well-being carried out by the Office for National Statistics, which has shown that stay-at-home mothers believe their lives are more worthwhile than their counterparts in work.

Government surveys have also shown that more than a third of mothers who go out to work would like to give up their jobs and stay at home with their children.

But women who stay at home to bring up families are under heavy pressure from the Government to find jobs and send their children into childcare.

Laura Perrins, co-editor of the Conservative Woman website, said:

“What this survey confirms is how satisfying the vocation of raising children at home, and all the work that this entails, is. Mothers who do this know what a responsible job raising children is. It is a shame our Government does not share this view.”


Modern culture and especially modern feminism is filled anti-housewife sentiments. Try Google images for “housewife memes” — and you shall see.

Staying home, milking dick and taking care of the kids is not for all women.

  • Absolutely not
  • No way
  • Not a chance
  • Not even close

But if all women did it, women would be happier as a result.

Here are some anti-housewife memes:

Here are highly rated answers to this Quora question: Who are happier: housewives or working women?

I have done it all and I think the happiest moms are those that have a part time job, or work part time on their own business. Best of both worlds. You can make your own schedule, pick the kids up on time and tend to the house and family. You have some of your own time and you’re contributing financially to the family. I have seen some horribly miserable moms that stay home all day, and some tired exhausted moms that work 40–50 hour weeks. I would never want to be either!

Part time is a WIN WIN WIN!


Here is another answer:

You asked: “Who is happier: A housewife or a working woman?”

Both are happy if they are doing what they want to do. There’s been a lot of research on this, and the answer is…If you want to be a housewife, you are happier as a housewife.

If you want to be a working woman, you are happier as a working woman (as long as you have a job you like). And on average, women who like to work wish they could work part-time.


The shift to 2-income families has put pressure on women to work. It also (sadly) has led to a devaluation of housewives. And that’s a shame, because (legally) housewives bring important economic value to the marriage. In legal terms, that includes their “personal services, skill, industry and efforts.”

A skilled housewife who takes care of the house cleaning, clothing, food purchasing/preparing/serving, child raising, children’s homework, plumbing/electrical/internet/cable repairs, entertaining, vacation planning, care of sick relatives, banking, bill paying, etc., is as valuable as a business professional.


35% of mothers who work wish they could stop working alltogether. 35%. That’s a lot. Compare that to that 87% of housewifes who like it where they are.

This extremely high number of 87% ultimately proves women were designed by God to milk dick and take care of kids. This is their “prime directive”.

I do!

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